Improving your e-commerce website

Improving your e-commerce website


Since browsers and technologies have evolved, ecommerce websites have increased its place in the net. Companies are bringing their shops online as customers proneness to buy online is constantly increasing. So, the real challenge nowadays is: how do we get the best ecommerce website?
There’s not just one correct answer and there are a few guidelines to follow to improve an ecommerce website.
One of the best strategies to follow is to work with structured data markups. It’s a standardized way to write down content so machines can understand it better. This micro data helps search engines to comprehend the subject-matter of each website. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are sponsors of, a collaborative community that promotes schemas for structured data on Internet. Over 10 million sites use to markup their web pages and email messages.
By setting the proper meta-data, the relevant product information (product name, SKU number, product rating, price, image) will be easily found, helping to index better in search results.
Some search engines, like Google, create enhanced presentations in the search results page raising the raking page and the traffic to your website, because the customers feel attracted to click in this quick preview of your product information.


Lava lamp from Amazon displayed in an Enhanced Presentation after Google search. (Image source:

What product’s micro data is available to markup in

It’s possible to markup the basic properties of any offered product or service in your website:
• Name
• SKU number
• Category
• Image
• Rating
• Description
And if it’s required, there are options to add extra information about them; related to items, brand, color, model, sizes, etc.

There are more types of content for which these schemas could also work: health and medical types, organizations, events, movies, news articles, among others.

More capabilities

There are more features that you can use and take advantage of. Breadcrumbs could be traced as well, making your website climb positions to the top of search results.
Social media can also be very helpful as they use this micro data to deliver content into their platforms. For example, Pinterest use schemas to create “Rich Pins”, displaying product images with its corresponding information. 

Google uses markups to create a Sitelinks Search Box, which allows customers to search inside the website without browsing it.

art2Sitelinks Search Box after Google search. (Image source:

Markups aren’t the only way to increase your website’s traffic and is not the only method to improve your online shop. The loading page speed, a good design with proper behavior, understanding the structure of an ecommerce website have their own priority when you are developing your online business. Also, it’s really important to follow the new and standard practices if you are looking for an excellent site. After all, most of websites’ traffic come from search engines, so SEO still plays a big part in Internet Business, leave that in the right hands and make sure you don’t ignore it.

By Christian Davila

Christian is a front and backend developer with ten years experience. He’s a new technologies passionate and promotes to use it in website to get the best of them based on the user experience (UX). He provides custom JavaScript solution for the ThinkSpot team.

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