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Channel Advisor has prooven to be a great solution for ecommerce users. It allows products to appear wherever buyers are shopping.

With Channel Advisor you can administrate and manage the sales, products and publications for Ebay , and Amazon from a single platform

Think Suite have developed a NetSuite- Channel Advisor connector which provides a fully automated integration between ChannelAdvisor’s MarketplaceAdvisor and NetSuite.

NetSuite channel advisor integration runs entirely within your NetSuite account with no limits.
The information which will be imported and exported will be the following:
Sales order are automatically imported into NetSuite: Orders taken from marketplaces like eBay, and are imported into NetSuite automatically.

Once the order is fulfilled it will be automatically sent back to NetSuite: As orders are fulfilled in NetSuite, the fulfillment transactions are imported into ChannelAdvisor so that the shopper has full visibility into orders placed.

Items will be sent back to ChannelAdvisor: Retailers can easily designate which items from NetSuite are pushed to ChannelAdvisor, making it easy for you to create/update your ChannelAdvisor product catalog.
Adjust inventory: Inventory levels in ChannelAdvisor are continuously updated with current inventory levels in NetSuite, ensuring that orders placed can actually be fulfilled.
  • Easily automate the flow of data between ChannelAdvisor MarketplaceAdvisor and NetSuite
  • Manage and monitor the integration directly from within your NetSuite account
  • Use a prooven and reliable solution which has been installed in several other companies