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We get really excited when we get a project for website design. Website designs usually include design, coding and development, areas in which our expertise relies.

Our relationship with clients is based in mutual trust. After several meetings with them, and upon completing a short questionnaire and a brief, we are in the position of getting started. The following steps are:

  •  Deep brand and competitors investigation.
  • Kick off meeting with time line presentation.
    Here is where we introduce the team who will be working with you. You will be assigned with a Project Manager, designer, developer and QA person who will be working with you all along the project.
    • Website design. The entire website will be designed at this stage and you will receive the designs as jpgs. Once all of them are approved the coding will begin.
    • Html and coding. This is the next step after the design phase when designs will start to take shape and get some movement. All our designs are done in html5.
    • Website development. Now it´s development time and when all designs and html take shape. Your website will start coming together and information will be displayed. Our websites are totally CMS driven and your team will now take control over it, starting to add the information you desire.
    • QA. Websites need to meet the highest standards so QA is very deep and thorough. We will be working on the site until it is rendering 100% correctly in all browsers & devices.

Each company has the website they deserve. Get yours now!



  • Have a clean, attractive and easy to navigate site
  • Showcase your company’s strongest areas & products
  • Communicate who you are and where you are going
  • Be recordable
  • Be one step ahead from your competitors
  • Improve your online sales
  • Improve your website ROI




Testimonial Testimonials

“Thank you Think Suite for getting involved and for adding your art and expertise into our site.”

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