Offer a better experience for your customized products

Offer a better experience for your customized products


At ThinkSpot we worked in a really interesting project. A client contacted us looking for the fastest way to display in his website a feature to customize a few products. Basically he needed an online customizer, lightweight and faster than the rest, but most importantly: it needed to work with NetSuite Site Builder.

It took time but finally we’ve got this amazing tool, supported by multiple browsers, including old versions and different operative systems. It also works with several image formats like JPG, PNG and vector image format, SVG, providing our clients the ability to print their customer’s image in big sizes without losing pixel information.


ThinkSpot logos image vector version.

The feature works perfectly with products that have details in different colors, so it’s possible to combine the colors of each section.


Customizer plugin implemented in our client website.

This customizer plugin is written in JavaScript, it is simple and lightweight. It creates custom records in NetSuite associated with the sales order making it easier to find the options and the image for each item that the shopper customized.

Avoid the awful task of searching through emails where and which is the image your customer chose for “what item did you say?”


By Christian Davila

Christian is a front and backend developer with ten years experience. He’s a new technologies passionate and promotes to use it in website to get the best of them based on the user experience (UX). He provides custom JavaScript solution for the ThinkSpot team.

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